Electrical heated branding iron

The method used most common to heat the branding iron is by using an electrical heater. This equipment is available with varying output ratings. The selection of the device depends on the size of the graving plate. With these devices you can burn not only wood but also plastics, leather, cardboard, felt and other materials.
In addition to major appliances, we also ready to hold a range of small, handy devices with distinguishable union electrical services for you.
Available sizes: Ø 18 mm, Ø 28 mm; Ø 48 mm

T2 small model


For a variety of different devices we choose the right one for you and show the advantages and disadvantages of each model. From a small branding irons for signing Drechsel parts to the unit in the hand lever press, you are sure to find the right device.





T2 small model

All our electrically heated devices allow you to change the plates. A sophisticated technology makes it possible to exchange the plate in a few simple steps. Devices of this type are used particularly in the production of "IPPC internal punches".





T1 big model

Apart from the standard variations of our devices for a voltage of 230 V, we can provide a whole range of our equipment for other voltages. Optionally, we also supply equipment with typical connectors.





T1 iron handle

For special requirements, we can adjust the handles on our T1 models. For example, an iron handle can be attached to make the work process even easier.