Pneumatic table press

Pneumatische Tischpresse
Technical facts

This semi-automatic fire punch press has the following features, which can be assembled optional:

- digital temperature control
- Adjustable pneumatic pressure
- Optional two-hand / foot operation
- Emergency stop

These machines can be adapted to your needs in every way. So can be installed various heaters, whereby a high flexibility in the use of different design plates is given. The passage of combustion is continiuosly variable. The table top provides to fasten machine blocks.



Automatic branding iron for pallets

Pneumatische Tischpresse
Technical facts

This automatic branding irons are designed for use in existing production lines.
To start the burning process, a pulse from the system is required.
The branding iron is pressed on the timber pneumatically.
Burning time and temperature are controlled digitally.

Each stamp offers its own control unit.
The base unit, which regulates the working pressure for all stamps, can be connected with up to four lines.

In addition, the system is equipped with an alarm light which is sending an optical signal in case of fall below a critical temperature. Thus, failures of heating elements are detected early and expensive re-pressing can be avoided.